New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

Burgundy Realm



Know your enemies well,
your friends better,
and yourself best of all.

If Burgundy is your color choice, you are ready to take charge.

 Power Reserves, Strategy, Attack or be Attacked, Allies, Battle, Deep Strength, right now you are needing the clear head of a strategist, the strong-heart of a warrior, the calm compromise of a diplomat or all three. There are some unfair policies you are trying to change at home or the work place, and even bullies who need to be pushed back. Add Burgundy to your life to find that inner strength. It will help you to think clearly and step into your authority. Learn to manage your own behavior and problems Increase your Burgundy power; take charge and prevail.

 Realm of Tolus

Energy Healing using the color Burgundy brings Fierce Power, Confrontations, Explosive Energies.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Burgundy give you great strength of character. It means that you need to stand up for yourself, a cause or another.

The meanings of Burgundy Energy tell us that it is time to make a plan and make a stand, call in your allies, know if you have any. Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Burgundy when you need to pull up your deepest power reserves, your high strength, dig in your heels and confront that bully, for you are empowered for victory.

Key Words for Energy Healing with the Color Burgundy:

  • Power Reserves
  • Attack or be Attacked
  • Battle- Confront Bullies
  • Thigh Chakra
  • Deep Strength
  • Allies, Strategy

Burgundy Balance Line

Below Find Yourself on the Burgundy balance line. Which block best describes how you feel right now..

If you find that you are slightly excessive and into the fear or greatly excessive...
use Aqua the opposite of Burgundy, to balance.

If you find that you are balanced or depleting, continue here with the Burgundy Work


  • tired?
  • bored?
  • sad?
  • dull?

Boost Burgundy!


  • aggressive?
  • angry?
  • reckless?
  • too confined?

Boost Aqua!

Burgundy Journey Work

Spirit Questions for the Color Burgundy:

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • What is the real battle?
  • What needs to be over come?
  • Do I know the enemy?
  • Do I know myself in this situation?
  • Who will lose if I win?

Power Reserves, Strategy, Attack or be Attacked, Allies, Battle, Deep Strength

This is War!

The old patterns, which do not serve you well, are not bringing about your health, happiness and wholeness; need to be broken down, smashed and deconstructed.

Do you know the Enemy?

Who/What is the thorn in your side?

What Pattern in or outside of Your Self needs to be smashed or battled against with honor, dignity and skillful strategy?

You will always know your own next move when dealing with yourself others. 

When dealing with others, skill is always more important than might. Staying in control of the situation by walking away is honorable.

Wanting the Victory of Truth and Honor is NEVER wrong. 

To be a successful Warrior Chieftain/Chieftana, you must know yourself and your adversary.

Sometimes when in Burgundy you will fear confrontation because of the breaking down process that will happen, the crumbling away. At other times it will be the replacement that you will fear. Wanting only you to be right means no compromise and then you become the "Thorn"! Seek balance.

Stand your ground; use your thigh energy to pull circumstances in your favor. Your Thigh energy is your deep inner strength and the honorable convictions that may be deeply believed but seldom acted upon.

Is your cause just and are your strategies and plans Honorable?

Check this now.

Do they serve Justice, Truth, Honor, Love and Compassion for ALL concerned including you? This is not a time when you need to defer to another because they may think you are mean or offensive. There are some things for which it is worth fighting!

Burgundy gives you fast, strong action for defense and offense but it does this by helping you to know yourself, your enemy, your allies and how to devise the most honorable plan.

Break it down!   Conquer it!   Deconstruct to Reconstruct.

Fierce Power, quick changes, explosive energies needed to overcome, that is the way of working with the Healing Properties of Burgundy. Don't store away grudges, deal with them as needed. Focus on winning the outcome of your desires and crumble away all else. If you lie to yourself about your motive, the destruction you put out will 3X wash back over you and you will become capable of three times the destruction. Draw up the Sovereign Dignity to make a fierce Battle for your honorable cause and then fight until you win; always remembering who will loose and the price they will pay. Only fight until it is over; stay true to your allies and be sure of the standard you bear as you make a stand. 

Surround Yourself with Burgundy Energy...

Eat Burgundy foods (reds and browns), Use Burgundy crystals, wear Burgundy clothing and think Burgundy Thoughts through your Burgundy Meditation.

Chakra Energy Healing Meditation: Color Burgundy for warrior strength

By: Calya Journey-Wise

This is a Guided Meditation working with the Color Burgundy for Healing and Spiritual Guidance. Use this Guided Meditation on the Color Burgundy after you have read the Chapter on the Meaning of the Chakra Color Burgundy

Remember Your Burgundy Aura Questions...

  • What is the real battle?
  • What needs to be over come?
  • Do I know the enemy?
  • Do I know myself in this situation?
  • Who will lose if I win?
  • Relax, and do some deep tummy breathing
  • several deep breaths…
  • let your arms and shoulders feel like melting wax, softening and warm…
  • let your legs and thighs feel heavy where you sit...

We are beginning the Breathing Ritual that will take you on your Journey to Tolus's Realm of Mettle where you will be tested for strength of heart, truth of character, and willingness to step into authority.

  • See nothing but swirls of the silvery gray mists before your mind's eye
  • softly and quietly, relax
  • move all over for a last release of tension
  • Breathe a deep Breath of the Moment with me and deeper we go

With the next breath the mists begin to swirl and dance away and you find yourself riding to the Plains of Toorn, with your Battle Hammer in hand. This is War!

See the encampment of your troops in the shelter of the slope beneath the Battle Plain. 

Here there are thickets and thorns, brush and brambles. There is the noise of preparation and the quiet of fear.

You are here because things have happened in your life, confrontations, wrongs, abuse of power. You have come here to face the Challenge, to correct the wrongs, to push back the bullies. 

Think of the situation now as you visualize yourself riding on.

Gather your strength, gather your allies, muster your honor, your power, your authority. Be ready to face the Enemy for they are readying to attack you on the Battlefield; you can see their encampments.

Go into your command tent and make a plan- declare your war.

There are some things worth fighting for; is this one of them? 

Be honest and Honorable. If this is a battle you must wage, then carefully plan and strategize with your allies and comrades.

Who will stand with you? Do you know?

Think of those who will support your cause. Don't rush... listen to your allies... your gathered friends... What do they think? What will they do?

Perhaps, at this point, you may come up with a different plan, see a different way; but, if not, plan your offense and defense here and now.

What should you do to correct the wrongs and stop the bullies? This is very important... What are all of your options...? Have you tried them all before and the bully won't stop?

Now in this meditation you will have to battle... Only in meditation... to change the energy in your life... Change the energy pattern here in meditation and you will change it in your waking life... Magick.

As you come out of the tent, survey your army. These are your clan members. You are their Regal Lord/Lady and they respect you. They trust your authority and look to you for leadership and wisdom.

Remember the confrontation. Who or What is the enemy?

What is the hurt and dishonor?

In the distance, begin to hear their battle drums and the angry, stomping troops and horses as they rage their hatred towards you.

The air is tense with emotion.

They are coming.

You have no choice in the matter any longer; they have brought the battle to you.

Mount your horse... feel it's strength and power beneath your thighs.

Draw your weapon as you give the command to move up the slope and on to the field of battle. Wait... remember your plan.... steady... ready... Now!

Give the command to Charge!

Fight fiercely! Hear the roar.. the terrible noise of the fight...

Slashing!... Smashing!... harshly and with as much savagery as you need to use.

Let out all your anger, all of the hurt, all of the pent up aggression, all of the hurt and sorrow!

Vent it upon the enemy!

Fight and attack all of them or perhaps it is with just one of them that you fight.

Here- you win.

Remember that... so keep on, keep on and keep on...........until you do.

As the clash and fray lessen and fade, as the smoke and dust settle, see that your army is victorious.

Count the cost.

Who has fallen? ..........Who has lost?

Now, look down amongst the trailing thorns, debris and brambles. Find the blood-red rose and know you have maintained honor through this Confrontation.

When you are done, completely close down the scene with the swirls of silvery gray mists and end your session. 

Take your time coming back; write in your journal and, holding your "sword" in your hand, be grateful that no one will ever be willfully abused by you.

Gather Burgundy Magickal Items...

Burgundy Meditation Recording Available

Burgundy Chakra Color Healing Energy

What Burgundy Means for you

It is felt in the body in the thighs as cramps, nerve tenderness or flabbiness. Burgundy feels like you just can't stand the situation another moment. Make a plan and make a stand are Yours in the Burgundy Color Realm.

The Meaning of Burgundy:

Burgundy is a Masculine/Feminine- Yang pushing to Yin- Color and combines elements of Red, Brown and Blue. Burgundy is Fire/Water- Life Force Fire combining with emotional power- with the South-West as it's direction. Burgundy moves in the Spirit body, honor creating justice with high ideals. It is excellent any time you need to outwit an opponent, conquer the other side, battle an injustice or even loose weight! Burgundy is warming and invigorating and it incites strong willed strategy. It is the best color when you need to gather a team together and get some real planning accomplished.

The Burgundy Personality:

Burgundy people can sometimes feel bullied.They become so fearful of being bullied that they perceive attacks from everywhere, real or imagined. Therefore, they are always vigilant and on guard. The Color of blood and the heat of battle, Burgundy is the warrior's color.

The person wearing Burgundy might be feeling like they need to take on the world. Be their ally, find out why their shield is up. It is always better to have such a one on your side. Burgundy people can be confrontational, put them to work for you and they will certainly blaze a trail. Just be sure of their allegiance and ask their opinion frequently.
Wear Burgundy when you want to send an energetic "don't tread on me- I'm on a mission" message.

Decor with Burgundy:

Burgundy in home decor or clothing will invigorate a shabby room and bring it to life. It is a great color for dining rooms to enliven conversations, board rooms for strategies or even bedrooms to enliven sex! Burgundy adds fire and deep blood-connections to your decor. Burgundy is honorable, spirit-led and builds deep ties.


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