New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing
Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

Learn to Manage your own Behavior and Problems with Color, Crystals, Oils, and Thought...

1st- Find Your Color Message

Finding your color daily is the most preferred method of Journeying the Realms. Just as you listen to weather reports, finding your color prepares you for the day ahead. Choose an option below.

  • By Simple Questions.- A Few Questions to get started!

Any of these three will give you your Color Message for the day from your inner self, your own spirit; and with the help of the Divine, this is Divination.You can also find the Aura Color Message of the Energy surrounding another person, a place, thing or question. Then use it to help you achieve your goals.  

2nd -All About Color

Once you know your Color Message, go to The Color Chapters Page. Click on your color to go to the chapter information. Here you will find detailed information on each of the 17 Colors:

  • Meaning of your Color
  • Helpful Keywords
  • Balance Line Chart
  • Complete details of what is happening in your life right now
  • Even some Magickal Practices to learn

Continue your Color Quest by determining if you are Balanced, becoming depleted or growing excessive in this color.

3rd-Heal Your Soul

Learning to Heal with Color and Light is all about repairing damage to your Auric web caused by hurts, neglect, attacks both spiritual, physical and Magickal. Psychic energy, illness, when things just don't go your way, all accumulate as random energy distortions in your field.

  • Use your Tools to gather Magickal items to increase your needed Color
  • Use the Meditations to release unwanted patterns

Colors, tones, foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals and even our thoughts are all VIBRATIONS which we can use to help cleanse, balance, and enhance our Auric Realms.Once you have a working knowledge of the Magick of Color and Light, you will will be able to manifest your deepest wishes in accordance with the Old Code: Justice, Mercy, Truth, Honor---West, North, East, South--- and in the Spiral center...Magick. 

3 Easy Steps!

*Balance is not a rigid point but flow; and it refines extremes into a vibrational glow. The goal when using color is balance. When we are depleted in one color we are excessive in the color that is the opposite, (as in red and green). Think of colors as "medicines" for your Body/Soul/Spirit. Work with the Color Frequencies interiorly with Meditation and your conscious thoughts and exteriorly with crystals, oils and colors to repair your Aura and the Emotional and Spiritual bodies, as well. 

This System is a Highly refined Mystickal, Magickal, Metaphysical Healing Art which uses 17 vibrational frequency Realms, to release, restore and revitalize your Life Force Energy with honor and purpose.