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Getting Started with your Journey work.

Finding your color daily is the most preferred method of Journeying the Realms. Just as you listen to weather reports, finding your color prepares you for the day ahead. Choose your Journey!

  • By Simple Questions.- A Few Questions to get started! -Option 2

Any of these three will give you your Color Message for the day from your inner self, your own spirit; and with the help of the Divine, this is Divination.You can also find the Aura Color Message of the Energy surrounding another person, a place, thing or question. Then use it to help them achieve their goals.  

Find Your Color... Aura Healing

Throw your Stones in the Fountain Meditation 1st-

Find Your Personal Secret Color Coded Message- First Step on the Journey

  • Relax, and do some deep tummy breathing
  • several deep breaths…
  • let your arms and shoulders feel like melting wax, softening and warm…
  • let your legs and thighs feel heavy where you sit…

We are beginning the Breathing Ritual that will take you on your Journey through all of the Realms of Color and Light, where you will find understanding and learn of Healing.

  • See nothing but swirls of silvery gray mists before your mind's eye
  • softly and quietly, relax
  • move all over for a last release of tension
  • Breathe a deep Breath of the Moment with me and deeper we go

With the next breath the mists begin to swirl and dance away and you find yourself at the Brymn Waterfall…

  • The torrent of waters is roaring out of the side of the craggy gray Mountain
  • tumbling into a deep pool and slipping away into the woods…
  • there are boulders and there is dirt beneath your feet
  • and you can see that in back of the waterfall there is a cave…

Carefully, now, climb over the huge boulders and get in back of the waters…

  • feel the spray on your face and hear the roar of the waters loudly in your ears……
  • see the droplets on the grasses and tiny leaves of the plants clinging there
  • Step into the cave... Smell the dark dampness and the dirt
  • Turn to look back at the soft blue/gray/green waters…a veil over the mouth of the cave.

Take a deep breath and turn into the cave; you see that it is not just a cave but a Tunnel…long, dark with the brightest light at the end. Head carefully toward that brightest light. It is brilliant as you step out into it; it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. See then that you are in a woodland meadow…

  • golden grasses up to your waist
  • a warm sun, a glorious blue sky…
  • at a distance from you is an Ancient Dark Forest…
  • to the left the Plains stretch on to the Mountains and the far horizon… over to the right side is an abandoned walled Garden…

Head now towards this Garden…

  • take your time…feel the swish of the grasses against your hands…
  • push open the arthritic gate
  • it wobbles, half off it's hinges.
  • Enter…

Find there every flower and herb imaginable, all jumbled and tumbled with weeds and ivies and vines…

  • see them…all their varied colors…
  • smell the heady perfume released by the warmth of the sun…
  • a bee buzzes…and a butterfly catches your eye…
  • walk along down pathways, stepping over and on the plants which have escaped the confines of their beds long ago…

Feel it all…then again you hear the splash of water… you instinctively know the right path to take…

  • turn down that path, walking strongly and purposefully
  • You come to a wondrous Fountain tossing plumes of water high into the air
  • the droplets cascade down like strings of crystal beads shimmering in the brilliant sun………………
  • watch it…it is enchanting…

On your belt there hangs a pouch…

  • reach into the pouch and there find a handful of tiny stones…
  • toss that handful of tiny stones into the water and behold their color……………

See it clearly.... perceive it.... hold it in your minds eye.

This is your unique color-coded message from your Inner self;
the part which is always connected to the Higher Consciousness, the All-Conscious; and will safely guide you today on your Journey-Quest.

Sit down on the edge of the Fountain's pool and let the sun bake warmly into your clothing and on into your back…

  • let it energize and revitalize you …
  • you see that the mists are closing in around your feet and legs to shut down the inner connection
  • you resolve to not neglect this part of the meditation…
  • You feel accomplished and purposeful
  • you have your Color-coded message…first step of your Journey…

The mists swirl in higher and higher up around your legs and body---neck and shoulders---up over your head, until the whole scene is closed down.

Begin to move your hands and feet… and with a few deep breaths you have returned from Brymn Waterfall in Hammeril and you are back in your own space.

Remember Your Color Message...

Proceed to your Color Chapters Page Below... to determine where you are on the Balance Line

Safe Passage, Wanderer…Comfort and Joy…oh Seeker…

Want to hear the recording Click Here!

Color Meanings: Manage Your Problems!

Spiritual Journey-work Recap!

What Color did you see in the Throw your Stones in the Fountain audio Meditation...

  • Click on that Color below...
  • Read the Color Energy information to learn what this means in your life.
  • Gather the Color Healing Supplies you need to make the needed changes.
  • Heal with the Color Healing Meditation in your journey work and crystals to complete your Energy work.

Choose a color realm that works for you!

Spirit Speaks- Be Still

White Healing Magick

White Healing Magick

Empower Your Self


Pink Healing Magick

Gratefully Homeward

Violet Healing Magick

Violet Healing Magick

Use Passions Powers

Purple Healing Magick

Purple Healing Magick

Tell Your Mystickal Dreams


Indigo Healing Magick

It's Time for You

Blue Healing Magick

Blue Healing Magick

Relief - Release Guilt


                      Aqua Healing Magick

Naturally Mend and Thrive


                     Green Healing Magick

End Stress- Reward Now


                           Lime Healing Magick

Let Changes Come


                      Yellow Healing Magick

Charm away fears

Let Changes Come

                        Peach Healing Magick

Intensely focus on task


                          Orange Healing Magick

Motivate Creativity


                         Red Healing Magick

Work to be done


                      Burgundy Healing Magick

Search for Answers


                        Brown Healing Magick

Banish the Shadows


                     Black Healing Magick

Escape to Beyond..

Gray Healing Magick

                       Gray Healing Magick

New Age Self Help - Find Your Answers Here...

Simply use these Self-Help Questions below to help you find your way whenever you feel lost, confused about how you feel, or uncertain about your issues.

Simply use these Self-Help Questions below to help you find your way whenever you feel lost, confused about how you feel, or uncertain about your issues.

Answer these questions as if you were applying for permission to travel into a new REALM. Do not over think... use the answers that come to your mind quickly and honestly.

1) Reason: What is the reason for your Journey at this time?

  • Why do you need to Journey?
  • What is the problem? ...the issue?
  • What is the Question you want to ask?
  • What needs to be resolved in your life?
  • Is there a specific incident that has sparked this new discontent?

2) Land or Sea? Will you be taking a Land Journey or a Sea Voyage?

Land Journey: "Yang" Qualities

  • The Quest to bring into Reality truths and Qualities already learned
  • Manifesting the Deep Inner Self in the Outer World
  • Living effectively by opening and using all the Spiritual Treasures
  • Implementing your desires in solid Reality

Sea Voyage: "Yin" Qualities:

  • The Quest to find Hidden Mysteries
  • Uncovering Truths about the Self
  • Searching for deep meanings and real desires
  • Sailing uncharted waters to discover secrets and bring home answers

3) Describe your Horse or Ship: These will give you Color Healing Magick Information; note them all for later use.

  • Colors
  • Trappings
  • Decorations
  • Style

4) Name your Horse or your Ship: The Name must contain the words "SUN" and/or "MOON".

  • SUN="Yang" qualities activated in your motives... outward, fast, ambitious, expansive, hot
  • MOON="Yin" qualities activated in your motives... inward, slow, cautious, careful, cool

5) Home Port: Describe the place you "live in" now as an imaginary village and give it a meaningful, whimsical name.

  • What does it look like? ...What is life like?
  • Why do you need to leave this place?
  • Is it "Boring-on-Slow River" or perhaps "Hecticvillanous Maximus"?

6) Destination: Describe the place you wish to go. What does it look like... feel like...? Name this place.

  • Where do you wish to go?
  • What is it like there?
  • What do you hope to find there?
  • Is it "Rich-town" or perhaps "I-can-do-it-told-you-so"?
  • This should help you think more clearly
  • Now you know if you are looking outward or inward
  • You have a list of needed Color Healing Magick Energies
  • Go to the Color Chart and research your Colors Chakra Color Chart
  • Use the suggested Stones, Oils, Books, and Spells
  • If you Have a Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook, follow your Journey Quest.


All About Color

Once you know your Color Message, Click above or below on your color to go to the chapter information. 

Here you will find detailed information on each of the 17 Colors:

  • Meaning of your Color
  • Helpful Keywords
  • Balance Line Chart
  • Complete details of what is happening in your life right now
  • Even some Magickal Practices to learn

Continue your Color Quest by determining if you are Balanced, becoming depleted or growing excessive in this color.

Your Color at a glance - Your Quick Help Guide- Find What Fi

I Need Rest


Use Gray Healing Energy for hiding, escape, wounded, feeling over-whelmed

I Need to Find My Way


Use Black Healing Energy when scattered, feeling lost, cursed, stuck or restless...

I Need help with Memory & Learning


Use Brown Healing Energy for research, studying, working with books/reports, following others rules...

I Need Protection & Strength


Use Burgundy Healing Energy to face confrontations, build a plan, get organized, feeling trampled...

I Need to Increase My Fire


Use Red Healing Energy for low energy, fatigue, lack of ambition, feeling too tired...

I Need to Rise like the Phoenix


Use Orange Healing Energy for job-search, vocation, directing energy, focus, feeling less than...

I Need Courage to Face...


Use Peach Healing Energy when you feel dull, frightened, un-attractive, worn-down...

I Need Changes


Use Yellow Healing Energy for nerves, anxiety, poor finances, feeling something is about to happen..

I Need to Make it Happen!


Use Lime Healing Energy for lack of recognition, lost things, feelings of stress and always striving...

I need to Prosper


Use Green Healing Energy for deep healing, re-balancing especially after trauma, feeling un-loved...

I Need to be Rescued


Use Aqua Healing Energy when sad, burdened, too hard on yourself, really annoyed all the time...

I Need help with Family Matters


Use Blue Healing Energy when out of time, out of sorts, out of step, family issues, feeling over-looked...

I Need to be Heard


Use Indigo Healing Energy when no one listens, everyone imposes, dreams are strong, feeling belittled..

I need to harness my Magick


Use Purple Healing Energy when justice is needed, emotions swing wild, feeling like a storm...

I Need to find Calm


Use Violet Healing Energy when you are ready to give in, need to cry, changed your mind, feel like being alone...

I Need Authority


Use Pink Healing Energy when others boss you and take your power, feeling conquered...

I Need to Believe I Belong


Use White Healing Energy when you feel abandoned, uneasy in the stillness, insignificant, feel a deep longing...


Heal Your Soul

Learning to Heal with Color and Light is all about repairing damage to your Auric web caused by hurts, neglect, attacks both spiritual, physical and Magickal. Psychic energy, illness, when things just don't go your way, all accumulate as random energy distortions in your field.

  • Use your tools to gather Magickal items to increase your needed Color
  • Use the meditations to release unwanted patterns

Colors, tones, foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals and even our thoughts are all VIBRATIONS which we can use to help cleanse, balance, and enhance our Auric Realms.Once you have a working knowledge of the Magick of Color and Light, you will will be able to manifest your deepest wishes in accordance with the Old Code: Justice, Mercy, Truth, Honor---West, North, East, South--- and in the Spiral center...Magick. 

Proceed on to your Magickal Journey!

Special Note

Always follow the advice of your Healthcare Provider.  Calya Journey- Wise, Connect Starr or True Earth Spirit Store makes no medical claims and the information contained on this web-site or in any of the products should not be misunderstood as such. Catherine Avizinis, Calya Arom Aura OIls and Calya Journey-wise and their affiliated companies Connect Starr and True Earth Store are not responsible for misuse of this school journey work, system or information, nor for allergic or adverse reactions incurred as a result of use of products. This is not for use on children or sensitive, or delicate individuals.