New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

Indigo Realm- Your story matters



Will you or will you not

be a Fool for another's heart? 

If you have chosen Indigo, Magick is afoot!

Indigo-Extend Yourself, Be Articulate, Use Imagination, Wit, Tell Your Story

Metaphysically, you may be having intense dreams or even waking dreams and the veil between the worlds is thin for you just  now. Your imagination is sparkling and active and you almost feel as though you can't keep up. Laughter and striking wit are  yours and you are sailing through the starlit sky like in a dream. Believe in your magick; take courage and believe in your  dreams! There may be someone around you who is a scoffer, always belittling your flights of fancy and imaginings of what  could be if only... Tell on them, like a child... tell on them in a Meditation and drape yourself in Indigo Healing Energy.. your  Magick surrounds you now... Learn to manage your own behavior and problems

Energy Healing using the color Indigo brings Imagination, Deep Meditations, the Astral Realms.

The Healing Properties of the Color Indigo bring you wit, imagination and Mystickal connections when you work in the Indigo Color Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your dreams, thinking and problem solving; reaching into the vast unknown.

The meanings of Indigo tell us that sometimes we think that our unique personality or expression or wild idea will not be acknowledged or heard so we hold back, pretending we don't have one anyway and don't care if anyone listens or not or we impose our will and our idea on everyone we can.

Use the Healing Properties of the Color Indigo when you need to find new words to express an old idea or to speak of your new thoughts in witty, articulate words. Words are Magick.

Key Words Meanings for Healing with the Color Indigo:

  • Visualizations
  • Dream Time
  • Words Create
  • Jaw Chakra
  • Tell your Tale
  • Magickal Incantations                                                                                                                                                                                 

Indigo Balance Line

Below Find Yourself on the Indigo Balance Line. Which block best describes how you feel right now...


  • self-protective?
  • ignored?
  • not heard?
  • pretending indifference?

Boost Indigo!


  • imposed upon?
  • you need to do the jobs of others?
  • too bossy?
  • others are always stupid?

Boost Peach!

Indigo Journey Work

Spirit Questions

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

Have I been rude or imposing?

Have I surprised another with a decision without courtesy?

Have I ignored the signs and omens given to me?

Have I not set boundaries for others, and resent them?

Am I afraid of the Magick around me?

Extend Yourself, Be Articulate, Use Imagination, Wit, Tell Your Story

Using the gifts of the articulate self to speak; when in Indigo, talk, speak up and tell your tales.

Share yourself. Extend your life to others. Don't hold back and be aloof about what you think. Give your opinion without fear of being disowned!

The will is the thing. Will you or will you not, be a fool for another's heart? As above-so below, that's the way the lessons go.

It takes courage and self-reliance to be able to state your views or your feelings even in the face of possible rejection. Life is a journey and we don't become brave and self-directed over night. See all of these opportunities to practice lessons from other realms every day; and when in Indigo, it is time to open your mouth, use your imagination to find just the right words and speak.

Sometimes when in Indigo you'll feel that you are not being heard, so why bother talking. At other times you will have allowed your boundaries to be crossed and trampled so, in anger, you will want to "pay them back!" Seek balance.

Karma---What you give out comes back to you over and over and there exists reciprocative abundance between the worlds. The Spirit Realms, Astral Planes and Heavens reflect the energies we put out and we reflect the energies they put out, feeding each realm what it needs to survive and flourish.

When in Indigo Realm, it is time to pass through the veil into a deeper awareness.

Understand that your thoughts do create your reality and that you will bring about what you truly believe. The lesson? Don't say one thing and mean something else; not to the people in your life nor to the spirits. It's deceitful and confusing. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. It is called HONOR.

Honor Energies. Talk to the Mystical Otherworldly Beings you feel are working with you and develop respectful relationships. They love rhythm and rhyme, music and dance. Tell them your stories they'll be entranced!

Then if you earn their respect you will have new allies, friends and defenders---and that works both ways.

Honor each other

Entrain and Align with Universal Principles

Respecting Boundaries, use the proper courtesy

Stop equating Other World with spooky terror and evil-It is not

Helps are given as needed and merited; when you ask out of need not greed, and love for others, not other's love.

Know what you believe and believe what you know. These little sayings all describe the actions of Indigo.

Never Fail in Courtesy and Hospitality!

Have I over stepped a boundary of another? ...Stepped too soon?

Have I not set clear Boundaries and allowed others to impose on me and now I'm hurt and angry?

Have I assumed others "know" or "should know" what I mean, need, want?

Articulate in a new way-carefully and with imagination.

Do you see the shocking horror and futility of imposing your will on another? Why would you want something from someone who does not want to give it to you, or to be with you? Is not aligned with you?

Be polite-Don't force issues-Talk, Laugh, be witty and extend yourself.

Language and Laughter are Mystical and Magickal.

Dream... Meditate and extend your thoughts.

Surround Yourself with Indigo Energy...

Eat Indigo foods (animal proteins- meats), Use Indigo crystals, wear Indigo clothing and think Indigo Thoughts through your Indigo Meditation. 

Indigo Guided Meditation

By: Calya Journey-Wise

This is a Guided Meditation working with the Color Indigo for Healing and Spiritual Guidance. Use this Guided Meditation on the Color Indigo after you have read the Chapter on the Meaning of the Chakra Color Indigo

Remember Your Indigo Aura Questions...

Have I been rude or imposing?

Have I surprised another with a decision without courtesy?

Have I ignored the signs and omens given to me?

Have I not set boundaries for others, and resent them?

Am I afraid of the Magick around me?

Relax, and do some deep tummy breathing

several deep breaths…

let your arms and shoulders feel like melting wax, softening and warm…

let your legs and thighs feel heavy where you sit…

We are beginning the Breathing Ritual that will take you on your Journey to Daemus' Realm of Meditation where you will learn that you must be respectful and courteous with the Spirits and others in order to increase your Magickal powers, Honor and Imagination.

See nothing but swirls of the silvery gray mists before your mind's eye

softly and quietly, relax

move all over for a last release of tension

Breathe a deep Breath of the Moment with me and deeper we go

With the next breath the mists begin to swirl and dance away and you find yourself

going to the Castle of the Night Sky; where tales are told, wit and laughter ring through the halls and mystical enchantments flow empowered by imagination and whimsy.

As you approach, you suddenly realize that this dark indigo castle is not on a high hilltop as it appears to be at first, but floats out in the starry expanse of the heavens and to reach it you must use your imagination.

Will you fly? How? ...a bird? ....a wisp of smoke?

Any way you choose.

Up through the clouds-the diamond stars twinkling, the mauve clouds seeping through the inky blackness... Magick is afoot!

Wizards and Mages, Seers and Sorceresses. These are friends and family... some you know and have met before, others are new to you.

Hear the laughter. Arrive and recognize them all. See yourself mingling with these Magickal Ones and know you are a part of them.

The sharing of stories continues on and on into the night. Not all are humorous; some tell a sad and tragic tale, but all are welcome to tell and are equally heard and applauded.

Think now of your Journey through the last few days.

What is troubling you, puzzling you?

Do you need to ask advice?

Is someone not hearing what you've been saying; even though you've been saying it over and over and over again?

Tell on them here and now.

Take your time and speak freely.

Tell on them!

Daemus asks, "Are you trying to work at it in order to fix and heal it or just to be right, to be heard?" Be honest; "Have you actually spoken your words and said what you want to say? Have you said the things that are in your mind and in your heart or are you holding onto the power of your thoughts and not releasing it out into reality?

To continue to do this only hurts yourself. Holding it in and not speaking causes you and others pain and confusion because things are not out in the open, but hidden and secretive. You are making another "pay" for not responding to what you have not said! This will diminish your magickal joy and the effect your Magick can have in your life.

Listen to the advice and suggestions of all the others gathered there in the Castle of the Night Sky. Let them come up and speak to you one by one.... open your mind and your heart and listen.

Then be free to use your wonderful imagination to come up with a new way to say the same old thing. Tell it in a new way knowing that your thoughts are the powers, the alchemy, for change. Speak it in your Say out loud in your room where you are the very words you have been holding in for so long......_________

This is your spell work.

Daemus puts his robed arm across your shoulders and whispers into your ear, "Your willfully chosen words have the primal powers of the Universe; do not take them lightly"

and he then gives you a special word to say or a phrase... hear it.... remember it.

This is your INCANTATION for your key power in this issue. You will need to use it when opportunities arise in reality for your to speak and put your situation aright.

Thank Daemus and the others for their help.

Now speak... tell... hear the new way you need to tell of your boundaries, fears, wants, needs, desires and opinions.

Use your Magickal Word from Daemus to unlock these words when you are back in Reality and to empower your words with Imagination!

When done close down the scene completely with the swirls of silvery gray mists and end your session. 

Take your time coming back; write in your Journal and then speak your words out loud!

Gather Indigo Magickal Items...

Indigo Meditation Recording Available

Indigo Chakra Color Healing Energy

What Indigo Means for You!

Indigo Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the jaw, teeth, tongue and occipital bone, there can be pain, a jumbled or spacey feeling. Indigo can feel like you are too constantly being imposed upon or that you can't stay focused in reality. Dream, Imagine and tell your story with Indigo.

The Meaning of Indigo:

Indigo is a Feminine Color and is composed of Blue and Violet and Black. Indigo is a Dream- wit, stories and dreams- with West North-West as it's direction. Indigo moves between the worlds and acts upon the emotional body with the Spiritual Body. It is excellent for meditation and Shamanic work- writers and those who need to imagine new ways to do things including peace keepers--- IMAGINE. Indigo is cool and mysterious and takes us to flights of whimsy and Astral Travel in Dream time. It is the Mist in the Night Sky and releases the mind from logic and reason. Indigo wants to find new words and new rhythms and rhymes. It is the best color when you need dream to release your tensions, find Mystickal answers and tell on someone who has hurt you in any way; IMAGINATION and Meditation heal by thought energy

The Indigo Personality:

Indigo people are Mysticks. They like to to have one foot in each world, but can quickly flare if they feel imposed upon or not believed. They can easily become detached and aloof.

The person wearing Indigo might be feeling like they just want be heard and believed even if their ideas sound far fetched. They may be feeling ignored but Spiritually superior; so try to allow them their day. Wear Indigo when you want to present an enigmatic appearance and it will help you to find just the right words in your imagination so that you will be articulate; and remember Indigo is a color that is not easily read by others- it is a spirit energy chamoflage and will keep others from being able to perceive what you are thinking.

Decor with Indigo:

Indigo in home decor or clothing is like Black in that it will show stark contrast with other colors, it makes a good trim or accent color. It will show intensely imaginative energies and promote a feeling of secretiveness or Magickal meditation! Great for bedrooms and healing studios, it stimulates Astral Energies and Spiritual connections directly to the mind. It contrasts other colors taming the chaos of a space. Indigo is secretive, Mystickal and full of Dreams.


Indigo Color Healing Therapy Tools

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