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How to Read Runes

Ancient Runes - Magick of Language

Five Rune Crossroads Layout

When reading runes, I recommend that you gently empty the entire set of Runes in front of you.
Put a cloth down first to protect the Gemstone Runes from possible damage.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and concentrate on your question. Or you can simply ask for some guidance for your life at this time.

Let your hand drift over the Runes and pick the one which seems to call to you; the one which just seems right.

Look up it's meaning on your Rune Chart. 

For the Five Rune Crossroads Layout, pick Five Runes in this manner, while thinking of your question, and lay them in the pattern shown. Look up each meaning and note what it speaks to you


2    1    3


1. Clarifies the real energy of the question.
This rune tells you what is truly in your heart.

2. Shows the Past.
What has brought you to this time of questioning.

3. Tells you all of the energies surrounding you now.
People, situations, karma, material and spiritual influences

4. Represents the Crossroad Decision.
This shows the things you must accept or possibly change, if you are willing.

5. The Final Out Come.
Some things cannot be changed.