New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought! New Age Metaphysical Tools for Healing Crystals, Gems, Color, & Thought!

White Realm- You are Rising



Today is the Destination of the Past; and you have arrived. 

You Chose White: You are about to rise to a new level!

WHITE-The Realm of Moon Day

Metaphysically, even though you might be feeling that nothing is happening, it is just that you have reached the White Still Point. This is the place and time when Spirit answers you. Feelings of deep Spiritual connections will increase as Spirit  responds to your efforts. Your soul magnifies Spirit and Spirit is answering you directly. You see how all things do work together. All things are connected; you are connected. Your life has meaning. Just be still. Observe. Well done!

Key Words:

  • You Chose White
  • White Chakra Color Healing Energy
  • Response of Spirit
  • Above the Head Chakra
  • Stillness
  • See the new Level Open

The Realm of Moon Day Means Energy Healing using the color White brings Stillness,

Spirit Meetings and a moment of Destiny. Let's Start the Journey Work!

White Balance Line

Below Find Yourself on the White Balance Line. Which block best describes how you feel right now...

If you find that you are slightly excessive and into the fear or greatly excessive...
use Black the opposite of White, to balance.

If you find that you are balanced or depleting, continue here with the White Work.

Feeling ....

  • alone ?
  • abandoned ?
  • blank ?
  • still ?

Boost White 

Feeling ....

  • being absorbed ?
  • need to control ?
  • the vastness ?
  • insignificant ?

Boost Black

White Journey Work

Spirit Questions

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel still? ...quiet?
  • Can I see Magickal changes happening around me?
  • Am I afraid of not belonging anywhere?
  • Am I afraid of being totally taken in by a bigger force?
  • Are the things I have worked for actually arriving?

All Things are Possible....

Those things you have wanted and worked for (if they will harm none) are arriving. Stop and be still, strain and struggle no more. Believe in yourself and watch the Magick happening all around you. This is the Cosmic, Karmic (not to mention sometimes Comic!) Response.  If you are in White, it is like Moonlight or the gentle stillness of the moment you realize it is snowing. Life has meaning; you have meaning and you are living a Meaningful Life.  

Sometimes when in White you may have the deep feeling of longing to belong, to be a part of something; something bigger and more important than yourself. At other times, there may be a great fear of being swallowed up and losing Personal Identity. Seek balance. This is a good time to do a re-assessment- Just What was it you wanted? 

Step back, observe... look at the changes the Magickal Universe is working for you. It can make you feel panicky when you realize that it is no longer your efforts that are at work here. So be still. 

Can you see?  Do you feel still? if things are just coming to you? ...revolving around you? ...working out for you? Is information you were wondering about being handed to you without effort? Are answers to puzzling questions coming to you in your sleep? Do you suddenly know the new way to go?

You are spiraling to a new level. There is a new dimension opening for you. This is the response of Spirit for which you have been waiting. Allow yourself to be still in the moment. Are you clear about what you have intended? What?... Know that it would not have happened except for all of your previous efforts.  

The Universal Principals and you are in alignment and are working together. This is Destiny. Are you in accord with Love?

Read your journal. Watch the Magick. Listen to the messages of your new Journey Path calling you.
Where are you going, Seeker? "Be willing to seek find open and use." and now be still...

Universal Truths Do Exist. 

If you have aligned with Universal Truths:

Honor-............... Burgundy
Justice-............. Purple
Acceptance-.......... Green
Comfort-............. Aqua
Joy-................. Blue
Create-.............. Red
Allowing weakness-... Gray
Focus-............... Orange
Self-Determination-.. Pink
Grounded in Reality-. Black
Remembrance of Past-. Brown
Openness-............. Yellow
Self-defense-........ Peach
Effort/Work-......... Lime
Dream-............... Indigo
Gratitude-........... Violet
Surround Yourself with White Energy... Eat White foods (fresh, clean air, water, sunshine), Use White crystals, wear White clothing and think White Thoughts through your White Meditation.                                                                                                                                                                                

White Guided Meditation

By: Calya Journey-Wise

This is a Guided Meditation working with the Chakra Color White for Healing and Spiritual Guidance. Use this Guided Meditation on the Color White after you have read the Chapter on the Meaning of the Color White.

Remember Your White Aura Questions...

  • Do I feel still? ...quiet?
  • Can I see Magickal changes happening around me?
  • Am I afraid of not belonging anywhere?
  • Am I afraid of being totally taken in by a bigger force?
  • Are the things I have worked for actually arriving?
  • Relax, and do some deep tummy breathing
  • several deep breaths…
  • let your arms and shoulders feel like melting wax, softening and warm…
  • let your legs and thighs feel heavy where you sit…

We are beginning the Breathing Ritual that will take you on your Journey to Moon Day, the Realm of Magick where you will reach the still point and feel the response of Spirit.

  • See nothing but swirls of the silvery gray mists before your mind's eye
  • softly and quietly, relax
  • move all over for a last release of tension
  • Breathe a deep Breath of the Moment with me and deeper we go

With the next breath the mists begin to swirl and dance away and you find yourself

arriving at the Magickal Center of the Land of Hammeril, the Stillpoint in the White Realm. It is a Moon Day... an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon.

You have arrived right on time for the Festival. See it all; the Banners, the Musicians and people in their fete attire, bells and harnesses chingling, drums and dancing feet, horns and shouts of play, the Moon Day has arrived!

See the gleaming white castle of Shune Shulee as Mythical and Mystical as anything you have ever seen.

Then, silently, the Moon begins to touch the Sun, and the crowd begins its reverence.
Sweet melodies swell, groups of friends gather, arms linked.

Scenes of your Journey flutter past your memory...
take a few moments to reflect... take your time....

...and you know that it is true... you have done all that is within your power to do to bring about truth, honor, justice and loving acceptance for the Love of just One and the Good of All.

Now, as you enter White Still Point on this most Magickal of days, you know the supernatural response will happen. It is happening; and you are open to Destiny.

"Today is the Destination of the Past", someone announces, "and we are here!"

The crowd cheers and then suddenly and softly falls silent as the eclipse is made whole.

You can see and feel your old self, new self and future self standing together with linked arms... so close and then, Magickaly, you all merge.

The first silent snowflakes begin their spiraling dance.

You belong to this wholeness.

Thank yourself, be grateful to all and any who have helped you... You have all done well.

It is Magick....   All is possible...  You are all One in the Stillness!

When done, completely close down the scene with the swirls of silvery gray mists and end your session. Take your time coming back, write in your Journal and after...draw spirals.

Gather White Magickal Color Tools...


White Meditation Recording Available Soon!

White Chakra Color Healing Energy

What White Means for You!

White Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in over the head as strange thoughts and stillness. White can feel like you are being swallowed by something much bigger than you or like you just don't ever belong anywhere. Longing to belong and facing your destiny is White.

The Meaning of White:

White is a Masculine Color and is the reflection of all other Colors. White is Divine Spirit- your destiny and the divine connection- with true Center as it's direction. White moves in the Ethereal body, the human spirit connected to the Divine spirit and the Individual spirit. It is excellent for seeking wisdom and your place in the Universe. White magnifies Spirit and Spirit answers you directly. It is the Spirit that tells us that all things are possible that all things affect all other things. and we are all united by the one Spirit. It is the best color when you need to feel like you belong ...somewhere.

The White Personality:

White people sometimes have to belong to everything if they have not found their Spiritual Path. They like to be nothing and nowhere and be very existential and pre-occupied with their religion or spiritual prayers and leader. But can quickly become sad and lost if something shakes their strong belief in the one they "follow".The person wearing White might be feeling like they just want to be clean and carefree. They may be feeling lost and trying to find the right path of light so be kind. Wear White when you want to present a non-threatening appearance and remember White is a difficult color to wear, people expect impressive things from you when you are wearing White.

Decor with White:

White in home decor or clothing is impressive and intensifies all your energies. It well may show everything and it may show nothing about you! Great for rooms where you do not want to commit to a purpose, it leaves things open yet clear and clean to take on whatever energies come along. White is bright, complete in itself and non-threatening.



White Color Healing Therapy Tools

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